XS Roll Top

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XS Roll Top  13"W x 14/25"H x 7"D

Made from 1000D cordura, Vinyl and Gore tex. 


The Roll top: the bag that is centered around the modern courier. A simple cube with straps is anything but. Probably the most used bag style when I worked on the road, and a common bag of choice for modern food couriers or others who need the most support with heavy loads. Most paper pushers would prefer a sling. 

My design is representative of my time sewing at Freight. Many common themes but numerous differences that really improve the overall fit and construction of the bag. I wanted to continue a design and honor my former teacher to provide for the messenger community as a whole. This design is the culmination of my time with Mess life. 

-Large single bucket floating design with 18oz vinyl with GoreTEX wrapped seams. 

-2” adjustable shoulder straps for additional support with heavy loads. 

-12”x12” exterior pocket  with 2 half pockets and a center divider

-Numerous 1” buckle anchor points for multiple access points with loads. 

-Double layered back panel  with ¾” foam along  

-Double stitched throughout to provide longer life of your bag.

-Side and base compression straps to keep your bag slim